TOO offers all the right solutions for flex workers. A beautiful workspace at our prominent Amsterdam South Axis branch, where you’re never alone. TOO will be your personal assistant; we love to help anywhere we can. Our professional Service Team is always at the ready to welcome you and your guests with a smile. That way, you can focus completely on your work. Our service team will take care of the rest.

Benefits Flex Space NoMA House

Creating own brand identity

Flexible and subscription based

Financial Mile of the South Axis

Perfect business growth opportunities

In every city your own desk?


PasseparTOO is ideal for freelancers, distance workers and start-up companies, but also for existing tenants who need a little extra space once in a while. This option allows you access to all the flex working booths at the heart of our office. The booths are perfect for working or receiving guests, but you can also do some networking with the other flex working companies and exchange knowledge. That way, even if you’re by yourself, TOO always offers a dynamic work environment. Of course your coffee, tea and high speed internet are included in the price, so you’re free to focus on your work. The business world is yours for the taking!


Are you looking for a quiet workspace without distractions? Get one of our Box Offices: a private workspace with all the usual office amenities. Nespresso coffee, high speed internet, a parking spot or colour copies? At TOO, we’ll arrange them for you as a matter of course. Combined with the Virtual Office service, your business will run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about posting letters or taking phone calls. You only pay for private office space when you actually use it, but you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of a fully-fledged office!

The Box Office is also handy for existing tenants who need an extra desk at busy times. Will you be our newest flex member?

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