Flex Space Amsterdam South Axis Infinity

The Office Operators offers fully equipped and modern offices at a perfect location in the Amsterdam South Axis. Furthermore our TOO Service Team facilitates you with your everyday business and is more than happy to be your personal assistant. At TOO you will only pay for an office if you are really using it. Therefor you will enjoy the benefits of your own office, but only when you actually need and use it!

Looking for a location to hold your meeting but not in Amsterdam? Don’t worry! The Office Operators are spread throughout all of the Netherlands & Belgium! You will find us in:

Amersfoort • Amstelveen • Amsterdam • Arnhem • Brussel Airport • Delft • Den Haag • Rotterdam • Schiphol Airport • Utrecht

Benefits Flex Space at TOO Infinity.

Creating own brand identity

Ad hoc & subscription based

Right next to highway junction A10


In every city your own desk?

Flex space subscription.

In the dynamic center of our office you will find flex spaces to welcome your guest and share knowledge with other tenants and companies. Even if you don´t have any colleagues, at The Office Operators you´ll always work in a dynamic and energetic environment!

The flex spaces are including hi speed Internet, a print account and delicious cup of coffee or tea so you easily focus on your core business!


PassparTOO – Centre Only
€ 89,- monthly

PassparTOO – TOO Netwerk
€ 175,- monthly

Flexible office solutions, starting from 1 day.

Are you looking for a private office where you can focus on your core business whit out any distractions? Then we would like to suggest our Box Offices. These offices are including hi speed Internet, a print account and delicious Nespresso coffee. You can also combine a Box Office with a Virtual Office, a perfect combination which facilitates you in your everyday business. The TOO Service Team sends your mail on time and answers your incoming calls with your company name. You will never miss an important call again!


€ 79,- per day
€ 149,- per 2 days
€ 299,- per 5 days
€ 489,- per 10 days


TOO Amsterdam Zuidas Infinity