Don’t need your own or a full time office? At TOO you’re able to pick between unlimited use of flex space in one of our dynamic open floor plan flex locations or for a more quiet and private enclosed office for a few days a month. The choice is all yours, in either case our Service Team will stand ready to assist you!

The benefits of flex offices facilitated by TOO:

•Access to a professional environment filled with other entrepreneurs.
•A location where you can receive your relations in a business orientated environment.
•Flex work at TOO standardly includes coffee, tea and WI Fi
•Access to numerous support services brought to you by our Service Team.

Flex work at TOO is perfectly compatible with the use of a virtual office. Meaning you are not only set up with flexible office space but also with a business address and telephone number. A professional impression for your (potential) clients effective immediately!

Flex space in every city

The Office Operators are to be found all throughout the Netherlands and even in Belgium. Are you looking for flex space in a good location? You can find us in the following cities:

Flex work Amsterdam • Flex work The Hague • Flex work Rotterdam • Flex work Utrecht • Flex work Delft

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you want to know more about flex work at TOO.

Amsterdam ZuidoostVogelstruys

Amsterdam ZuidoostVogelstruys

Flex working at location Vogelstruys means enjoying the benefits of a permanent office but still having the freedom to be flexible with your office capacity. Come and flex work in Amsterdam and aim solely at the highest results.

Amsterdam ZuidoostDiana & Vesta

Amsterdam ZuidoostDiana & Vesta

Working at a quiet location with minimal distractions? With your own PasseparTOO you can settle at one of the many flex workspaces or settle for private workspace. Come acquaint yourself with our Diana & Vesta location.