Flex space Delft Whitepark

Don’t waste your precious time in traffic jams! In Whitepark we offer flex office spaces in our lounge. Just take your laptop with you and have a seat at one of the workstations. Our lounge is an inspiring environment for self-employed entrepreneurs. In our lounge you can work, receive visitors and meet other entrepreneurs. The Office Operators will make sure you will have coffee, tea and high-speed internet. Do you want to work in a quiet work environment without too many distractions? TOO offers Box Offices, enclosed private offices with all the office amenities you can think of, for a number of days per month.

Looking for a location to hold your meeting but not in Delft? Don’t worry! The Office Operators are spread throughout all of the Netherlands & Belgium! You will find us in:

Amersfoort • Amstelveen • Amsterdam • Arnhem • Brussel Airport • Delft • Den Haag • Rotterdam • Schiphol Airport • Utrecht

Benefits Flex Space At TOO Delft Whitepark.

Extended reception services

Perfectly accessible

Near historical city centre of Delft

On-site parking

Flex space subscription.

Our PasseparTOO option allows you access to all the flex working desks in our entire building. Get in touch with the other companies who have their offices here, do some networking and exchange knowledge. Even when you’re alone, TOO always offers an inspiring work environment. Of course the price includes coffee, tea and use of our high speed internet; all you have to do is focus on your business. A PasseparTOO is the ideal solution for freelancers, distance workers and start-up companies. And if you’re already a tenant at TOO Whitepark, you can use PasseparTOO to get extra desk space on a flexible basis!

Flexible office solutions, starting from 1 day.

Looking for a quiet work environment for a few days a month? Our Box Office offers a private workspace with all the office equipment you can think of. Of course high speed internet, good coffee, and colour copying are included. At TOO, we’ll take care of all of these things for you. Combine it with our Virtual Office service, and your company can focus completely on your core business: we’ll take care of things like posting letters and answering the phone! Box Offices are also available to our existing tenants to supply an extra desk at busy times. Yes, we can do that TOO!


PassparTOO – Centre Only
€ 69,- per maand

PassparTOO – All TOO Locations
€ 175,- per maand


€ 49,- per day
€ 85,- per 2 days
€ 179,- per 5 days
€ 299,- per 10 days