NoMA House

NoMA House is located in the Financial Mile of Amsterdam and is one of the most spectacular, architectural buildings of the South Axis. Recognizable because of its charming and transparent exterior. With its he elegant appearance and modern interior, NoMA House meets the high standards of the South Axis. The spacious, state-of-the-art meeting rooms are perfect for all your meetings!


NoMA House is located in the centre of the ‘Financial Mile’ of Amsterdam. Perfectly accessible because of its perfect location next to the A10 highway and only a few minutes walk from Railway and Train station ‘Amsterdam Zuid’. The South Axis has a lot to offer. From excellent hotels and restaurants to shops, apartments and health clubs.

Service by The Office Operators

Whether you are looking for a suitable location for a seminar, training or conference, our team onsite will provide you with service and support at the highest possible level. From welcoming your guests to printing and binding handouts or anything else you might require for a successful meeting. We can and will take care of it!

We would love to help you!
Call us +31 (0)20 700 5505


  Use of fully equipped meeting room
  Coffee and tea
  Various mini biscuits and mints
  Bottle of mineral water
✔  Flipchart
  Pens and note pads
  Projector with projection screen or LCD screen
  WiFi network

Fill out your meeting room wishes below and you will receive during office hours a confirmation of your reservation within 2 hours!

Additional requests:
 Spider phone
 Video conference
 After work drinks
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