Excellent accessibility for yourself and your guests

From Rotterdam Central District, the business heart of Rotterdam, the familiar sleek mirrored walls of Delftse Poort rise high into the sky. One of the landmarks and stable characteristics of a city that is always in motion.

With its modern meeting rooms, the breathtaking view over the city and the excellent accessibility, Delftse Poort is without a doubt the perfect meeting location.

Behind its transparent walls, you’re just a revolving door away from the streets of Rotterdam Central District and its many connections to the world.

Perfect location

Delftse Poort is located next to Rotterdam Central Station and in the “Central District”, which is the business area of Rotterdam and has a perfect connection to the ring of Rotterdam.

A strategic location which is very easy to reach by train, bus, metro, tram, high speed rail and by car.

High quality service

Whether you are looking for a suitable location for a seminar, training or conference, our team on-site will provide you with service and support at the highest possible level. From welcoming your guests to printing and binding handouts or anything else you might require for a successful meeting. We can and will take care of it!

We are ready to answer your questions
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  Use of fully equipped meeting room
  Coffee and tea
  Various mini biscuits and mints
  Bottle of mineral water
  Pens and note pads
  Projector with projection screen or LCD screen
  WiFi network

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Always the right set up

Here you find all different set ups and capacities of the meeting rooms.
We always have a suitable meeting room that meets your requirements!



Max 32 persons



Max 100 persons



Max 48 persons



Max 24 persons



Max 34 persons