Excellent accessibility for yourself and your guests

Looking for a conference- or meeting room in Utrecht? TOO offers meeting rooms in all sizes, whether you need to give a presentation for a group of 2 or 20 people. Our professional Service Team will make sure the room will meet all your needs so you won’t have to worry about the details. The ladies will take care of the catering wearing their famed red dresses and will provide all materials and hand-outs needed for the presentation. Leaving you to focus solely on your meeting!

Meeting rooms

Our meeting rooms, Utrecht Centrum, are within walking distance from the city centre and the Jaarbeurs as well as being easy to reach by car or public transport. There is even an option to reserve a spot on our connected parking deck. When you make use of TOO’s meeting facilities in Utrecht you will profit from the following unique services:

  • Excellent catering with not only the expected coffee and tea but also breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks if you so wish.
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms with professional presentation equipment.
  • The option to use extra equipment to facilitate video conferencing by example.

Spread throughout the Netherlands

Looking for a location to hold your meeting but not in Utrecht? Don’t worry! The Office Operators are spread throughout all of the Netherlands & Belgium! You will find us in:

Amersfoort • Amstelveen • Amsterdam • Arnhem • Brussel Airport • Delft • Den Haag • Rotterdam • Schiphol Airport • Utrecht

We would love to help you!
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MEETING PACKAGE is inclusive:

✔ Use of fully equipped meeting room
✔ Coffee and tea
✔ Various mini biscuits and mints
✔ Bottle of mineral water
✔ Flipchart
✔ Pens and note pads
✔ Projector with projection screen or LCD screen
✔ WiFi network

Fill out your meeting room wishes below and you will receive during office hours a confirmation of your reservation within 2 hours!

Additional requests:
 Spider phone
 Video conference
 After work drinks
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Always the right set up

Here you find all different set ups and capacities of the meeting rooms.
We always a suitable facilities that meets your requirements



Max 16 persons



Max 30 persons



Max 4 persons