Renting office space is done at The Office Operators. As TOO is specialized in supplying fully equipped office space including the assistance of our Service Team. Meaning that from day one of your rental period your office space will be fully furnished and ready for use. In short,  your employees can get right to business!

The advantages of renting at TOO:

  • Your rental periods can be as short as 1 month or as long as 60.
  • No investment of your own is needed for furnishing or the fit-out, that falls to us.
  • You pay a set price per workstation with a choice in supplementary service packages.
  • All your monthly payments are confined to 1 simple monthly invoice.

At some of our locations we also offer bare square meters in addition to our fully furnished office space. Mtoo offers the option to rent at an appealing price per meter and to decorate your office yourself. At TOO entrepreneurs rent just the way they want it!

TOO has office space for rent in the following cities:

Amersfoort • Amstelveen • Amsterdam • Arnhem • Brussel Airport • Delft • Den Haag • Rotterdam • Schiphol Airport • Utrecht

Amsterdam Zuidas<br/>
UN Studio

Amsterdam Zuidas
UN Studio

The UN Studio located at Amsterdam’s Zuidas is one of the  great works of architecture situated next tot the A10 and very recognizable due too is snow-white façade, strong lines and the multitude of glass used in its construction.

Amsterdam Zuidas Infinity

Amsterdam Zuidas Infinity

Infinity, also known as ‘the shoe’, is one of the’ most spectacular buildings of the Zuidas. On this exclusive office location we offer modern and fully equipped office space and meeting rooms.

Amsterdam Zuidas NoMA House

Amsterdam Zuidas NoMA House

NoMA House, the new location of The Office Operators, is located in the Financial Mile of Amsterdam and is one of the most spectacular, architectural buildings of the South Axis.