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Are you looking for a high quality office space in Arnhem? Then we would like to introduce “Arnhem Hert” to you. The opportunities of Hert are endless. Beside fully equipped office spaces based on flexible contracts, you can also choose for our product MTOO. MTOO enables you to fill in the office space yourself. Do you need a meeting room or an occasional flexspace? That’s also possible in Arnhem, Hert! With a private reception, coffee bar with a barista, meeting rooms, several opportunities for flex spaces and a private parking facility, Hert is the most complete office building of Arnhem!


Hert is a light, modern building and is along with the other buildings of IJsseloord II part of a park-like landscape. Architecture, landscape, water, squares and roads are forming a whole that gives the park a distinctive identity.  Hert is without a doubt the most complete building of Arnhem!


Our qualified Office Operators will ensure that you only have to focus on your company’s core activities; they’ll take care of everything else. You won’t even have to worry about a lost button or a broken shoelace; you’ll find those items on site in our unique ‘Lost Box’. At TOO, you’ll never feel lost!

Looking for a location to hold your meeting but not inArnhem? Don’t worry! The Office Operators are spread throughout all of the Netherlands & Belgium! You will find us in:

Amersfoort • Amstelveen • Amsterdam • Arnhem • Brussel Airport • Delft • Den Haag • Rotterdam • Schiphol Airport • Utrecht

So what makes us different?

Flexibility is key

Whether you’re up or down sizing, we give you maximum flexibility. In terms of conditions, period, size and service.

Creating own brand identity

We know how important branding is. Therefore we offer extended signage possibilities throughout our center.

Unique service

We can call you a cab, book a flight, fix your button, arrange for office supplies, fix your bike and so on!

Inhouse lunch & coffee bar

You can use our lobby for flexworking and to receive your clients informally for a great cup of coffee

Public Transport

Perfectly accessible by public transport due to the frequent connection with Arnhem Central Station

Boutique Office

Unique office building, recently redesigned

The Office Operators Arnhem Hert

Fully serviced office space.

Our office space based on flexible contracts come turn key including fully furnished workstations. This way you and your staff can focus on your core business from day 1 of the rental period. Our Service Team is happy to oblige!

  • Rental periods from 1 month up to 60 months
  • No investment needed, we have taken care of this for you
  • An all-in price per workstation, one single transparent monthly invoice

With TOO you rent fully operational office space for the period you need without having to invest in fit out and decoration.

Empty office space based on m2.

Apart from fully serviced office space we offer you the possibility to rent vacant square metres against metre prices. You rent a space to be furnished yourself, while you have the option to use our Service Team and those services you require.

  • Traditional square metres
  • Rental period from only 12 months
  • Access to a la carte services, pay as you use

You are free to decorate your office according to your own taste, while you rent at an attractive rate and have access to a number of extra services.

Contact information

TOO Arnhem Hert